O!fitness My Pregnancy Days(OH013)

with a smart scale for better pregnancy life.



Model:O!fitness My Pregnancy Days



iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus or later 

iPad 3, 4, air, air2, pro or later

iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display

OZAKI O!fitness My Pregnancy Days — the smart-scale iOS & Apple Watch appcessory for a happier, healthier, family orientated pregnancy


Doctors agree that weight tracking is not only important to ensure baby’s health, but also to protect mom from pregnancy related diseases and conditions.

My Pregnancy Days helps mom and baby by promoting Healthy Weight Tracking with the aid of a smart scale and iOS App.

To further help moms the App provides Daily Tips, Health Tracking, Birth Plans, Shopping Lists, Important Contacts and a Kick Counter.

Family Diary then improves communication between families while Memory Book provides a printable designer PDF — to delight all for generations to come.


Now compatible with Apple Watch you can also monitor, track and stay up-to-date right from your wrist!

My Pregnancy Days is a one of a kind pregnancy partner — giving mom, dad and the whole family a way to stay more intimate and informed, reduce stress and stay healthy all from your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


  • Heathy weight tracking: helps you to keep in the ideal weight range. 
  • Daily tips for 280 days: offers you daily pregnancy information.
  • Family diary: lets your loved ones offer emotional support.
  • Useful tools include: kick counter, birth plan, shopping list and more.
  • Memory book: generate a personal pregnancy album.
  • Bonus App: after giving birth set your target weight, track it, and achieve it!