O!coat - Wardrobe

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Model:O!coat - Wardrobe

SKU: OC150

The OZAKI O!coat Wardrobe, the ultra thin & lightweight snap-on case for iPad Pro


Every iPad Pro consumer is looking for the ideal snap-on case to protect the back and sides of their device. They would also like one that is easy to use, thin, light & above all, keeps their iPad Pro looking and feeling original.

With O!coat Wardrobe for iPad Pro, OZAKI has provided all of this and more! 

Not only does Wardrobe offer full-back and 4-sided protection — while keeping all ports and controls fully accessible — but it’s easy snap, ultra thin (1.2 mm), lightweight (99 gram) translucent design ensures that you’ll get the maximum protection possible while always keeping your Apple logo visible and your iPad Pro looking and feeling original.

For those who intend on using Apple’s official Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover, the O!coat Wardrobe is the perfect companion, as Wardrobe is fully compatible and will compliment the use of both!

At the end of the day, the O!coat Wardrobe is simply the best ultra thin & lightweight snap-on case available to protect, augment and keep your iPad Pro original. 


  • Ultra thin (1.2 mm) & lightweight (99 g) casing feels invisible but provides strong protection
  • Premium soft-touch finish for comfortable grip
  • Easy to put on, take off
  • Protects the back of your iPad Pro* from dust and scratches
  • Perfect Fit with back of iPad Pro (iPad Pro not included)
  • Pairs perfectly with the Smart Keyboard or Smart Cover, for total front-and-back coverage. (Smart Keyboard & Smart Cover not included)
  • Full access to all controls