O!coat Shockband

The O!coat Shockband, Coat Your Apple Watch in a Full Metal Jacket



Model:O!coat Shockband

SKU: OC620 / OC660

Compatible:38 & 42 mm Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport & Apple Watch Edition

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The O!coat Shockband, Coat Your Apple Watch in a Full Metal Jacket

Apple Watch is incredible for monitoring activity and fitness. However, the question still remains: How to protect it, while engaged in risky contact, extreme, or ball sports?

The OZAKI O!coat Shockband, answers this question with hybridized premium aluminum on a soft cushioning of TPE rubber — protecting the watch from impacts and scratches, while a nonintrusive raised bevel protects it further by keeping the watch glass away from flat surfaces — if falling or lying facedown.

Complimenting the original watch design the digital crown remains seamlessly accessible, while a metalized side-button provides solid click feedback, and coming in five colors: pink, blue, green, white and black — O!coat Shockband perfectly matches all official Sport Bands.

When your need for your 38~42 mm Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch Edition gets extreme, coat it in the best extreme protection available, the OZAKI O!coat Shockband!

  • Premium aluminum outer & soft TPE rubber inner layers provide extreme protection
  • Protects Apple Watch glass from face down impacts
  • Full access to all functions
  • Metalized button for solid feedback
  • Protects the edges of Apple Watch from scratches
  • Shocknology guards against bumps, knocks, and other collisions while maintaining a slim profile
  • Put on & take off in 1 second
  • Standard design complements the original Watch shape, it looks great and protects
  • Made for Apple Watch