O!coat GapFree

Keep the original look & feel of your iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

  • Brand: OZAKI
  • Website: www.ozakiverse.com
  • Model: O!coat 0.3 Series
  • iPhone 6/6s SKU: OC555; OC571; OC556; OC559; OC560
  • iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus SKU: OC580; OC596; OC597; OC592
  • Compatible: iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus
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Bridge The iPhone 6/6s Gap, with The OZAKI O!coat GapFree™ Integrated Case Series

For a long time now, consumers have been wondering when the gap that resulted due to the iPhones new tapered screen design be closed?

We are very pleased to announce that with the release of the new 6s & 6s Plus, OZAKI has the solution with our all new O!coat GapFree™ Integrated Case Series.

The GapFree™ Series has been designed so that case and screen protector fit together seamlessly for flush screen protection.

Including 2 Bonus GapFree™ screen protectors, GapFree™ is available for the new 2015 0.3 Series Cases, namely: Jelly, Wood, Pocket, Bumper & Travel Versatile — for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus & 6s Plus.

With OZAKI’s GapFree™ Integrated Design, you’ll finally have a protection solution that keeps your iPhone original with complete gap free protection.

  • GapFree™ Integrated Design: seamlessly ensures maximum protection
  • Anti-slip
  • Face Down Screen Protection
  • T2PP™
  • Built-in Lens Protection
  • The new 2015 0.3 Series includes 2 Bonus GapFree™ screen protectors that give your iPhone extra protection.