O!coat Crystal

The OZAKI O!coat Crystal, Shields Your Apple Watch Sport with a Slim, Light, Invisible Protector



Model:O!coat Crystal

SKU: OC627 / OC667

Compatible:38 & 42 mm Apple Watch Sport

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The OZAKI O!coat Crystal, Shield Your Apple Watch Sport in a Slim, Light, Invisible Protector

With the success of Apple Watch, many consumers who own one of these technological timepieces would like to protect it while still keeping the original Watch color and design intact

OZAKI, with the release of the O!coat Crystal has now made this possible with its crystal clear, ultra light, ultra slim protection case — so slim, light and clear in fact, that it’s almost invisible once put on.

Complimenting the original design of the Apple Watch Sport, the O!coat Crystal allows full unimpeded access to all controls and is designed to be put on and taken off without ever needing to remove your watch from your wrist — all the while protecting the watch from scratches without adding bulk.

When you need ultra slim, ultra light, invisible protection for your 38~42 mm Apple Watch Sport, plus the ability to put it on or take it off in 1 second, look no further than the OZAKI O!coat Crystal!

  • Full access to all functions
  • Put on & take off in 1 second
  • Protects from scratches without the bulk
  • Ultra Slim 0.5 mm
  • Light Weight 0.5 g
  • Standard design complements the original Watch shape, it looks great and protects
  • Made for Apple Watch Sport
  • One set includes 1 O!coat Crystal case for Apple Watch Sport
  • Caution: Not recommend for use with Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition