O!coat 0.3 + Travel Versatile

integrated, Ultra Slim & Light with Stand for iPhone6s/6s Plus

The All New OZAKI O!coat 0.3 Travel Versatile Gives GapFree™ Protection and a Stand for Lovers of Travel

Traveling around the world is a dream in the hearts of all — including iPhone consumers.

For lovers of travel needing slim, light protection for their iPhone, Ozaki has created O!coat 0.3 + Travel Versatile — featuring iconic cities: London, New York, Rome, Paris & Sydney.

This GapFree™ Series has been designed to ensure that case and screen protector fit together seamlessly — keeping your iPhone looking and feeling the way Apple intended.

Including 2 Bonus GapFree™ screen protectors gives iPhone seamless protection while the built-in patented Y-stand allows the ability to stand it in landscape and portrait positions!

The O!coat Travel Versatile will quickly become your travel guide at a glance while offering you a strong protective GapFree™ solution while abroad.

  • GapFree™ Integrated Design: seamlessly ensures maximum protection
  • Portrait & Landscape Views
  • Anti-slip
  • Face Down Screen Protection
  • T2PP™
  • Built-in Lens Protection
  • Dirt-repellent
  • The new 2015 0.3 Series includes 2 Bonus GapFree™ screen protectors that give your iPhone extra protection.