iCarry Excavator

up and down



Model:iCarry Excavator



iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 & iPad Pro

Up, Down & All Around with the iCarry Excavator stand — Now Available for iPad Pro!


Getting the most out of iPad means both hands free and custom angles — Now, with iPad Pro, consumers need this ability more than ever!

OZAKI has the solution! The iCarry Excavator — the all-in-one answer to every smart-case shortcoming.

The Excavator is able to adjust display height and tilt angle while giving you full access to all your controls and ports, and is also able to swivel between horizontal and vertical views!

Convenient, foldable and portable the Excavator is designed to accommodate your iPad with case — and as a bonus, iCarry Excavator is backward compatible with all iPad & iPad Air models!

Get the all angles, flexibility, convenience and compatibility needed, with the OZAKI iCarry Excavator for iPad Pro and all previous iPad and iPad Air models.


  • Adjustable display height
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Full access to all controls
  • Adjustable stand for horizontal or vertical gaming and typing
  • Comfortable viewing angles for watching and reading
  • Conveniently portable
  • Designed to be used with an iPad case
  • Compatible with iPad Pro